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All-in-One Mat Cutters to help start your frame shop!

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Speed-Mat systems have proven themselves for 32 years as efficient, precise and invaluable investments. We pride ourselves in supporting start-up frame shops, artists, photographers and small businesses with mat cutters that last for decades.

Speed-Mat & NAR Capital:

We offer a number of leasing options for start-ups and established businesses; $1 purchase options; fast approval and unbeatable customer service. Speed-Mat & North American Resource Capital have the experience and integrity that you can trust.

Speed-Mat's "All-in-One" Mat Cutters

Speed-Mat provides a number of multi-use mat cutting systems:

All-in-One Esterly Mat Cutter
  • One machine will get you a Mat Cutter, Mat Sizer (trimmer) and a Glass Cutter
  • Wall-mounted system and a variety of standard sizes create a small footprint in your shop
  • Sturdy, dependable Esterly machines last for decades

Speed-Mat®, Inc. has been making Esterly mat cutters for nearly 30 years. Our mat cutting systems are incredibly versatile and are designed for high production factories as well as artisan frame shops. The Esterly mat cutters can be used for 2-ply thru 8-ply mat boards and have the versatility of being manually operated, semi-automated or fully automated and integrated with a personal computer.

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Inventors of the Wall-Mounted 4-Sided Mat Cutter

In 1974, Harry Esterly needed a new dimension in mat cutting. The original mat cutters were limited to cutting straight lines, one side at a time. But by mounting four mat cutters onto his garage wall, Mr. Esterly created a entirely new system with tremendous advantages for cutting matboard. He created the first Esterly mat cutters and an industry was born.

  • Wall-mounted baseboard saves shop space and makes for comfortable use
  • Professional construction and sturdy materials: with decades of experience, these long-lasting mat cutters are Made in Maine.
  • Flexible mat cutters to meet your demands: from oval/circle knife carriages, to plexi/glass trimmers to semi-automated pneumatic mat cutters, Speed-Mat offers customized systems
  • Efficient cutting, from 10 matboards to 10,000- we can make your mat cutting operation more efficient at every level of mat cutting capacity

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The core principles of the Esterly Mat Cutter: durability, flexibility and ease-of-use; inspired our logo and continue to inspire our mat cutting systems.

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