Get a Speed-Mat Annual Service Contract!

$199 Annual Service Contract

Refresh your machine with an Annual Service Contract! Our Esterly Mat Cutters have been trusted tools in frame shops and galleries, with quality cuts and decades of use. Get the very best of your used or aging machine:

  • Knife head rebuild
  • Pack of Blades
  • Customer service priority

Did you buy a used Speed-Mat?

Benefits of a Service Contract

Speed-Mat takes pride in producing durable, easy-to-use machines that will increase the productivity and quality of your mat cutting. As with any precision tools, our Esterly mat cutters can benefit greatly from skilled upkeep.

The Knifehead Rebuild

Your annual service contract includes a professional knifehead rebuild. Ship us your worn, loose knifehead and we'll recondition it in our shops: replacing any worn or broken parts and recalibrating it to original factory specifications. We'll ship back a knifehead that cuts like new.

The service contract also includes a pack of 100 Esterly blades for your machine.

Customer Service

Speed-Mat is now pleased to offer prioritized support for our customers who purchase service contracts. Your annual contract ensures support from our skilled technicians during normal business hours (EST). All Esterly mat cutters are proudly made and serviced in America.

Notice on used Esterly Mat Cutters

Decades of use have proven that our mat cutters are durable. Just ask a current customer- our machines last! This level of quality has spawned an active market for used mat cutters.

If you have bought a used mat cutter, Speed-Mat cannot provide customer support or guarantee the accuracy of the cuts or the calibration of the machine. To obtain customer support priority, receive a professional knifehead rebuild and get the most out of your purchase, we recommend that you purchase a service contract.

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