Photo Mat Cutter

Photo Mat Cutting for Artists & Photographers

Perfect mat cutter for picture frame matSpeed-Mat has excelled in helping artists and photographers cut mat board professionally- giving your perfect photograph a perfect mat!

You can produce photo picture mats with our precise and durable Esterly Mat Cutters. You'll never go back to pre-cut matboards or straight-line cutters!

  • All-in-one systems are perfect for trimming your mat board, plexi and frame glass, and cutting matboard beautifully.
  • Wall-mounted mat cutters will help you save space in your shop, and will save you time and money by producing quality mats every time.

Watch Bill Atkinson Cut a Perfect Mat in Under 4 Minutes

Watch as Bill Atkinson demonstrates how easy it is to use the Esterly Speed-Mat Photo Mat Cutter. Video courtesy Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

Cut Your Own Gallery-Quality Photo Mats

The Esterly Standard has all the features a professional photographer needs:

  • Cut foam core and matte boards to spec with the built-in sizer
  • The mat board is never released or moved during the entire cut. Plus, 2 full sides of the mat are firmly clamped down, ensuring precise cuts without over-runs.
  • Cut perfectly concentric reveals by simply flipping the built-in stops
  • All in less than 4 minutes - browse photo mat cutters
  • Watch the video and see for yourself

Just listen to other Speed-Mat Photographers!

"I am extremely impressed with this cutter! I can cut perfect mats the first time and very accurately so. I get a kick out of just showing this to any of my artist friends that work with traditional table top cutters."
Mark Muntean
Mark Muntean Photography Portola Valley, CA

"[My Esterly Mat Cutter] has worked flawlessly! It's exceeding my expectations, and has taken a lot of extra work off my shoulders... Excellent Cutter!"
Nathan Wotkyns
Wide Angle - St. George, UT

Speed-Mat featured in How-to Book

The Esterly Speed-Mat cutter was used to cut photo mats in a new book by Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins titled: Fine Art Printing for Photographers: Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers.

The Ideal Esterly for Photographers & Artists

Save time and money by investing in the right mat cutter for your needs. Speed-Mat produces some of the best mat cutters in every range of production needs. Our factory representative will help you create the perfect Esterly Mat Cutter system- with factory-direct savings!

Request a Quote on Matboard cutterSpeed-Mat will produce a custom mat board cutter for your needs

Featured Speed-Mat Artists

Speed-Mat would love to hear how your Esterly has made your art look even better! Please drop us a line if you've got photos of your finished artwork or mat cutter in use!

The Esterly Starter Mat Cutter


Perfect for both the casual and busy frame shop, art gallery, museum, artist, photographer, crafter and hobbyist. Just right for any small mat cutting business. Learn more

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