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Speed-Mat, Inc. has moved!

Speed-Mat has moved our production and service departments to a new location in Biddeford, Maine! Our business continues to grow as demand for professional mat cutters increases. As always, we are proud to produce Esterly mat cutters in the U.S.A. Please note our new contact information:

  • Speed-Mat, Inc.
    374 South Street
    Biddeford, ME 04005
  • Email Speed-Mat
    Toll-Free: 800-882-7017
    Local: 207-294-4358
    Fax: 207-294-4359 v2.0 Launched!

To better meet the needs of our customers and community, we have completely re-vamped this entire website. From the homepage, which now features Speed-Mat news and special product discounts; to our redesigned Learning Center with tools to reach mat cutting perfection.

Along with the new look, we are thrilled to offer new mat cutter Leasing Options for both established businesses and start-ups. Getting a dependable, quality mat cutter is now easier than ever!

Featured Products

Esterly Pneumatic Knifehead

The Esterly Pneumatic Indexing Knifehead upgrade for the Esterly StandardTM and Esterly IndustrialTM mat cutting systems replaces the popular manual indexing knifehead and eliminates the labor associated with engaging the knifehead into the mat and rotating the knifehead at the corners.

Pneumatics is perfect for high volume and production environments. Two models are available: one for matboard up to 4-ply and one for 6- and 8-ply matboard.

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