Speed-Mat's Matte Cutters

Esterly Standard Matte CutterEsterly Standard

For the busy frame shop, art gallery, museum, artist, or photographer.

The Esterly Standard™ mat cutter from Speed-Mat® is truly "the wall-mounted standard" when it comes to precision, flexibility and price. Great for matting artwork or as a photo mat cutter.

The perfect addition to a studio, gallery or frame shop.

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Esterly Production Matte CutterEsterly Production

For the high volume user- tailored to the needs of production quality. 

The Esterly Production™ is based on the rugged and reliable Esterly Standard mat cutter. Features the addition of a pneumatic cutting head that makes high volume mat cutting effortless.

Increase production at your shop, gallery, museum or university.

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Esterly Industrial Matte CutterEsterly Advanced

For the custom framer or institution in need of ultimate flexibility. 

The Esterly Advanced™ is our full-featured mat cutter.  It has it all. We start with the Esterly Production base model and throw in some goodies- a V-groove knifehead, an Oval/Circle carriage and more.

Boost your mat cutting capability to cut shapes and V-grooves.

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Esterly Junior Matte CutterEsterly Starter

For the amateur mat cutter or low-production photographer.

The Esterly Starter™ is our entry-level mat cutter. We take our popular Esterly Standard mat cutter and scale it back.  We remove the 40" sizer, blades, and mounting hardware and include basic flip-top style stops.

Upgrade your hobby- start cutting your own mats with ease.

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Esterly Computerized Matte CutterEsterly CMC

An affordable electronic mat cutter, suitable for high-end customers. 

The Esterly CMC™ computerized mat cutter has been engineered specifically for high-volume production of square and rectangle mat cuts- a workhorse for rigorous, daily mat cutting.

Speed up your high-volume mat cutting production with a CMC

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Buying a Matte Cutter from Speed-Mat