Esterly Starter - Discount Mat Cutter

Esterly Starter Mat Cutter

The Esterly Starter™ is our entry-level mat cutter. We scale back our popular Esterly Standard and remove the 40" sizer, blades, and mounting hardware.

  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Perfect for the amateur mat cutter or low-production photographer.

The Esterly Starter mat cutting system combines precision and durability with a competitive price for solving the smaller mat-cutting demands of many frame shops, art galleries, museums, artists, photographers, crafters and hobbyists.

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The "Entry Level" Mat Cutter

We take our popular Esterly Standard ™ mat cutter and scale it back. We remove the 40" sizer, blades, and mounting hardware and include basic flip-top style stops. This is a less expensive model that still brings Speed-mat's legendary dependability and ease-of-use to your mat cutting needs. This mat cutter is perfect for hobbyists, amateurs or low-production photographers.

Base Package Includes

Compact and Efficient Design

The Esterly Starter is a lightweight 46" x 44” (height X length) baseboard that can be used on the table or mounted to the wall.

The unit features a manual indexing knifehead for 45° bevel cuts. Unlike some entry-level mat cutters, this knifehead is easy to rotate in perfect 90 degree increments at each corner, saving you time and minimizing mistakes. The Esterly 45° Bevel Manual Indexing Knifehead also uses a locking mechanism similar to a bayonet mount camera lens that makes changing knifehead blades fast and easy.

Easily Set Borders

Borders are easily set using rulers on the baseboard. Flip-top Carriage Spacers provide a quick and accurate way to securely set chosen border widths for precise, repeatable cuts. You'll make straight cuts each time without run-ins or over-runs.

Customize Your Mat Cutter

The Esterly Starter is highly customizable. It is designed for cutting simple square and rectangle openings with 2-to-8 ply matboard. If you need more mat cutting options, the Esterly Starter can be upgraded. Interchangeable manual knifeheads include a heavy-duty 45° knifehead for 8-ply (comes standard on our Esterly Production and Esterly Advanced mat cutters), a 60° knifehead, a 90° edge knifehead, and a double-blade knifehead for V-grooves.

Upgrade to Pneumatic

Esterly Starter can also be upgraded to a pneumatic knifehead for 4-ply mats. Esterly pneumatic knifeheads engage, disengage and rotate with less effort than manual knifeheads. Speed-mat does not make an 8-ply matte pneumatic knifehead.

Mount It On the Wall

If you have a small shop or studio and space is at a premium, think about purchasing wall-mounting brackets. A wall-mounted Esterly mat cutter can save space and make your studio more efficient without expanding.

Looking to Start Cutting Mats today?

For a system that continues the Esterly tradition of precision and durability while priced like entry-level tabletop units, the Esterly Starter is both affordable for the casual framer and rugged enough for the frame shop cutting mats everyday.

Leasing programs and volume pricing agreements for multiple purchases are available.

Specifications for the Esterly Starter

View spec sheet for the Esterly Starter.

The Esterly Starter Mat Cutter


Perfect for both the casual and busy frame shop, art gallery, museum, artist, photographer, crafter and hobbyist. Just right for any small mat cutting business. Learn more

Base Package Includes

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