Esterly CMC- Computerized Mat Cutter

The Esterly CMC™ mat cutting system has been engineered specifically for high-volume production of square and rectangle cuts- a workhorse for rigorous daily demands.

  • 1,000+ mats per day
  • Multi-opening Mats
  • Repetitive Cuts
  • High-speed Environments
  • Windows Computer compatible

A Computerized Mat Cutter for High-Production Matting:

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Esterly established the mat-cutting procedure of four consecutive cuts without marking, touching or turning the mat and no over cuts, run-ins or run-outs. Now we deliver this precision at lightening-fast speeds.

Have you considered alternatives to a Computerized Mat Cutter?

Speed-mat offers high-quality Advanced Mat Cutters which meet the demands of artists, galleries and production-oriented shops- with substantial savings over the CMC!

Factory-direct savings & quality by Speed-mat®

The base packages feature: a space saving, wall-mounted baseboard made of lightweight aluminum and a warp-free honeycomb interior and an automatic board clamp for holding matboard firmly in place.

The CMC Mat Cutters also include: an Esterly 45° Bevel Pneumatic Indexing Knifehead for square and rectangle openings with 2-to-6 ply matboard, a complete pneumatic kit with regulator, gauge, recoil hose and fittings, and wall mounting brackets.

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What can this computerized mat cutter do?

Robust cutting speed of 20" per second. A 16" X 20" mat with 2.5" borders can be cut in 15 seconds, which means over the course of an 8-hour shift more than 1,500 mats can be produced.

Computerized control- The Esterly CMC can be controlled by an optional Windows PC application, which provides wide flexibility for designing mats and saving the designs.

Independent automation, unlike CMCs that cost the framer for every corner and cut and require a connection to an off-site accounting system, Esterly CMC is free of ongoing costs and tracking by the manufacturer.

Speed-mat is proud to produce the Esterly CMC™; an affordable electronic mat cutter, suitable for many high-end customers. Leasing programs and volume pricing agreements for multiple purchases are available.

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The Esterly CMC Mat Cutter


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Upgrade your production to a Computerized Mat Cutter: the Esterly CMC is an out-of-the-box solution. You can have your CMC mat cutting machine setup and making perfect cuts in no time. Cut your mats proudly with a CMC made in the USA. Get a quote today!

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The Esterly Computerized Mat Cutter is a robust machine and a smart investment. For low-production artists, photographers and small businesses it may be more of a mat cutter than you need! We build a number of economical, efficient and easy-to-use Esterly Mat Cutters.

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