Esterly Advanced - Custom Mat Cutter

Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter

The Esterly Advanced™ from Speed-Mat® has all the bells and whistles. It includes all the necessities for custom framers or institutions needing precise, high-volume mat cutting.

  • Cuts 8-play matboard
  • Double Bladed V-groove Knifehead
  • Cut Ovals, Circles and shapes

The Esterly Advanced mat cutter is perfectly suited for medium to high volume (thousands of mats a day) production. This mat cutter can keep up with the demands of the custom framer or institution.

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The Full-featured Mat Cutter

Speed-mat's most advanced mat cutter. This model includes everything necessary for the custom frame shop, museum or institution. The Esterly Advanced is for professionals in need of cutting flexibility that don't want to pay the cost of a CMC. This mat cutter comes standard with the ability to cut up to 8-ply mat board and is ready for cutting ovals, circles and many other shapes.

Base Package Includes

Almost everything Speed-Mat sells. No kidding.

Get It All on a Single Purchase Order (PO)

The Esterly Advanced mat cutter is ideal for educational and government institutions wishing to purchase a fully-loaded mat cutter. Don't waste your time with multiple purchase orders. This mat cutter comes with all the accessories you'll need to start cutting mats. Get approval for just one order.

Our Largest Mat Cutter

The Esterly Advanced cuts mat board up to 40"x60" and features a space saving, wall-mounted baseboard made of lightweight aluminum and a warp-free honeycomb interior, the Esterly 45° Bevel Pneumatic Indexing Knifehead for square and rectangle openings with 2 and 4-ply matboard, and a pneumatic kit.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Esterly Advanced mat cutter has rigid, stable tracks and operates with a self-squaring carriage system on hardened plastic rollers. A spring loaded clamp system allows the operator to accurately cut to a 1.5" border. Borders are easily set using rule pointers on the baseboard. Production Stops/Spacers include preset positions for precise 1/16", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" offsets for cutting v-grooves and double and triple mats.

The Esterly Advanced is affordable and reliable for many situations. Leasing programs and volume pricing agreements for multiple purchases are available.

Specifications for the Esterly Advanced

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The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter

MAT CUTTER > Advanced

If you need advanced mat cutting capabilities but don't want a CMC, then this is the mat cutter for you. You'll be able to cut circles, ovals, V-grooves and more. The Esterly Advanced is available in a single model: the Advanced 4060 which cuts mats up to 40" x 60".

Advanced Base Package Includes

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The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter has all the bells and whistles. We build a number of economical, efficient and easy-to-use Esterly Mat Cutters.

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