Features of the Esterly Advanced

Pneumatic operation for faster mat cuttingEfficient Mat Cutting

With the flick of a switch, Esterly pneumatic knifeheads engage, disengage and rotate for accurate, effortless mat cutting.

A Mat Cutter with sturdy, hardened plastic rollers.Rugged

Esterly Advanced mat cutter carriage system operates on sturdy hardened plastic rollers.

Beautiful matte cuts.Perfect Cuts

Never have to worry about over cuts, run-ins, or run-outs again.

High-end production for high-end demands.Advanced Mat Cutting for less than a CMC

The Esterly Advanced is great for high-volume, high-demand, production environments. All the mat cutting flexibility you need for less than the price of a CMC.

The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter

MAT CUTTER > Advanced

If you need advanced mat cutting capabilities but don't want a CMC, then this is the mat cutter for you. You'll be able to cut circles, ovals, V-grooves and more. The Esterly Advanced is available in a single model: the Advanced 4060 which cuts mats up to 40" x 60".

Advanced Base Package Includes

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The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter has all the bells and whistles. We build a number of economical, efficient and easy-to-use Esterly Mat Cutters.

Need less mat cutting power:

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