Accessories for the Esterly Advanced

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Knifeheads for you Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter.Esterly Blades

Manual Knifehead Options

  • 8-Ply 45º Bevel Manual Indexing Knifehead
  • 60º Bevel Manual Indexing Knifehead
  • 90º Straight Edge Manual Indexing Knifehead
  • Double Blade V-Groove Knifehead

Pneumatic Knifehead Options

  • 4-Ply 45° Bevel Pneumatic Indexing Knifehead

Accessories for your Speed-mat system.Oval/Circle Cutting Options

  • 28" X 36" Oval/Circle Carriage
  • 45º Bevel Oval Knifehead
  • 60º Bevel Oval Knifehead
  • 90º Straight Edge Oval Knifehead
  • Oval V-Groove Cutter
  • Oval Glass Cutter

Carriage Stops and Spacers

  • Flip-Top Carriage Stops
  • Production Stops/Spacers - with built-in offsets
The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter

MAT CUTTER > Advanced

If you need advanced mat cutting capabilities but don't want a CMC, then this is the mat cutter for you. You'll be able to cut circles, ovals, V-grooves and more. The Esterly Advanced is available in a single model: the Advanced 4060 which cuts mats up to 40" x 60".

Advanced Base Package Includes

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The Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter has all the bells and whistles. We build a number of economical, efficient and easy-to-use Esterly Mat Cutters.

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