Accessories for Speed-Mat® Mat Cutters

Customize your Esterly Mat Cutter to meet your demands

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How to Order Accessories

Speed-Mat Accessories can be ordered by contacting us directly at 1.800.882.7017 or by using our online order form.


Genuine Esterly blades- not only are they designed to perform with Speed-Mat's mat cutters, they're stronger and longer lasting than the competition. Why risk using knockoff blades when you can buy quality blades straight from our factory?

Call us today and a factory representative will help you make the perfect choice in blades for your needs: 1.800.882.7017

Esterly Advantage

  • 448.1 100pk of Advantage Blades
  • 449.1 500pk of Advantage Blades

Esterly Hi-Pro

  • 449.2 500pk of Hi-Pro Blades

Esterly Creator

  • 449.3 500pk of Esterly Creator Blades
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Speed-Mat is proud to offer the perfect mat cutters for all levels of production. From a basic manual knifehead for simple operations, to an ergonomic/pneumatic solution for high-production environments- we offer the best products at the right prices.

Call Speed-Mat for details on upgrading your knifehead packages: 1.800.882.7017

Manual Indexing Knifeheads

Looking for a unique cut? Try our various bevels and v-groove knifehead sets.

  • 433.0 45 Bevel Manual Indexing
  • 433.1 8 ply / 45 Bevel Manual Indexing
  • 434.0 60 Bevel Manual Indexing
  • 435.0 90 Straight Edge Manual Indexing
  • 436.0 Double Blade V-Groove

Pneumatic Knifeheads

Ergonomic mat cutting- more efficient and productive than a manual cutter. With the flick of a switch, you can rotate the knifehead and get clean corners every time.

  • 454.0 4 ply 45 Pneumatic Indexing

Oval Knifeheads

Create beautiful and clean oval or circle mats! Combine our mat cutter heads with an Oval/Circle Carriage, and you're able to create fantastic, clean and professional rounded mats. Don't forget a glass-cutter or v-groove to finish it off!

  • 438.0 45 Oval/Circle Mat Cutter Head
  • 438.1 60 Oval/Circle Mat Cutter Head
  • 438.2 90 Oval/Circle Mat Cutter Head
  • 440.0 90 Oval/Circle Glass Cutter
  • 441.0 Oval/Circle V-Groove Block
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Knifehead Carriages

Pneumatic Mat Cutting

  • 107.1 Pneumatic Kit

Mat Clamp

Matting & Framing Sizers

  • 442.0 Mat, Glass, Plastic, Foam Sizer Kit
  • 443.0 Mat, Glass, Plastic, Foam Sizer Knife

Learn more about this unique, compact and useful addition to your mat cutter!

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Carriage Stops

  • 444.0 Flip-Top Carriage Stops, set of 8
    No built-in offsets

Production Stops/Spacers

  • 446.0 Production Stop/Spacers, set of 8
    Built-in offsets for 1/16", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"
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Speed-Mat Training Videos

  • 450.0 Basic Training Video (VHS)
  • 451.0 Advanced Training Video (VHS)

Videos may be copied and returned for refund.

Also View Our Training Videos Online!

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