Matte Cutting for International Customers Shipping Matte Cutters World-wide

Matte Cutters Respected World-Wide

Shipping Globally from our Factory in Maine for the past 25 years

Our Esterly matte cutters can be found throughout the United States and in dozens of countries throughout the world.

Speed-Mat enjoys a particularly strong distribution in Europe and Australia. Customers include artists, custom framers, high production framing businesses, museums, colleges and universities. Recently, purchases have been shipped to:

  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • China

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Speed-Mat Mat Cutters support International Trade Standards

Choose an Esterly matte cutter to suit your needs. With a variety of sizes and tools, Speed-Mat systems support the needs of customers around the world, from small 'Mom and Pop' hobbyists, to high-production frame shops.

Moorman Board and Thick Matte

The international standard for matboard is thicker and more durable than is commonly found in America. This Moorman Board requires a deeper cut and a quality matte cutting system. Speed-Mat's pneumatic knifeheads and wall-mounted systems are the perfect solution for thicker mattes, up to 8-ply.

Metric Units on Cutters and Sizers

Speed-Mat can equip your matte cutters with Metric or English rulers, assisting your measurements. Our wall-mounted systems include positioning rulers for all four stops. Upgrade your Esterly matte cutter with a production-quality, Metric sizer to cut glass, foam and plexi in your native units. Our matte cutting systems provide an all-in-one matting solution for customers around the world.

Custom Quotes on International Shipping and Duties

Call a Speed-Mat factory representative for assistance creating your custom matte cutter- then let us take care of the rest. We have experience shipping matboard cutters to dozens of countries around the world. Our customer service will quote you for any required international duties and costs, and will ship the system to your door.

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